What is Prototyping 2040?

Prototyping 2040 is a vision of four prototypes for western civilisation in 2040. To create the prototypes, the FutureS Thinking team critically analysed thousands of signals of change. The prototypes revolve around issues of social, economic and environmental importance. We looked at such aspects as work, everyday life, mobility, city planning, industry and finance. In addition, we investigated a number of key values that determine each of those aspects. The prototypes were created to inspire organisations, businesses and institutions to think with a longer perspective, and help them prepare for the changes which, in our opinion, are inevitable.

As a top Executive, a Leader, you will want to bring knowledge, ideas, and inspiration back to your team or clients to move your enterprise forward. Come up with actionable insights! Make a better Future!


Kind Capitalism

Kind Capitalism is a new economic and social order. A seemingly impossible mutation of capitalism, where those who have share their wealth to save the system. The future of the masses lies in the hands of corporate executives.


Active Restoration

Something had to change in our approach to the world – and it did. The profit-oriented mindset has been replaced with a mindset that cares about the Earth. Wise statehood initiates and stimulates private and public organisations' actions for the lasting restoration of the environment.


Self Consumed

Companies maximise profits. Consumers are too busy consuming. States are too weak and need to resort to oppression and manipulation to survive. International consensus has not been achieved. Despite lofty pledges, the environment is still being poisoned. The economy has stalled.


Less Is Enough

Growth has stalled. The permanent crisis prompts society to look for solutions at the local level. People try to solve macro problems using micro solutions. Municipalities, mayors, local businesses, residents' associations, pop-up action groups and local companies work together to address the most urgent issues and to restore a clean environment around them.



Zuzanna Skalska

Skalska inspires leaders and decision-makers to pivot their’s perspective on long term vision by implementing cross-fertilization process. She operates as a Strategic Trends advisor for Up-Front Innovation to businesses, public institutions and NGOs. In her way of working she is importing and mixing ideas from different places, markets or connecting people, to help business to step out their comfort zone. Her no-nonsense approach gives companies the insights needed for future business development. Zuzanna Skalska brings trends to life in a clear, distinctive and passionate way!


Zuzanna Skalska
Rafał Kołodziej

Rafał Kołodziej

Rafał is a business and public services strategist, service and innovation designer. His main focus is reducing complexity and transforming possibilities into tangible solutions through the use of the Service Design, Customer Experience and Futures Thinking™ methodologies. He’s also the co-creator and content lead of the postgraduate Service Design degree at the SWPS University where he facilitates numerous classes on designing services, value proposition and business models. As Greenhat’s CEO, he’s worked with various clients, including Allegro, Santander, the city of Poznań, Tatrzański Park Narodowy, Allianz, Amica Wronki and the Volkswagen Group. Greenhat Innovation operates as a business advisor combining consumer knowledge, research process and design competencies with business awareness. The company builds new business models, innovative products and services based on the future customer needs.

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FutureS Thinking™ is a unique approach to design processes stemming from many years of experience gathered on both global and Polish business arena. It’s a sure way to foster innovation within strategies, products and services that allows for successful transformation of various possibilities into tangible results. It integrates the Signals of Change, the ‘good feel’ for an organization’s potential and the awareness of customer needs together with the ability to decomplexify reality, thus creating a good foundation for innovation. We always work side by side with clients to apply, implement and supervise the whole process of (transformation by) design.


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We are a strategy and design company focused on building business models and innovative products & services based on future customer needs.

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Inspires leaders and decision-makers to pivot their perspective on long term vision by cross-fertilisation of concepts, solutions and ideas from different places and markets. Connects people to help businesses see beyond their horizon.

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We are a provider of solutions designed to handle electronic transactions and support online sales – from the automation of household payments to comprehensive tailor-made online banking services. We have been present on the market since 1999.
We are the oldest Fintech company in Poland.

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Autopay Europe is a cutting-edge system for fast and automatic online and offline payments to be used by millions of Europeans. Autopay was created by Blue Media – a fintech company that has been successively implementing innovative payment solutions since 1999.

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